Cornish Rex of Shartae Cattery - Our babies are part of our family until they become partof yours

Rainbow Bridge

Myshan Jackopo

Rex was our very first Cornish Rex and we had so say goodbye to him after 15 wonderful years. Rex held the position of Head of the House. Rex was very generous with his love and was willing to share with everyone regardless. He was our "meeter and greeter" or often referred to as "The Host(ess) with the Mostess" ensuring visitors are guided in the right direction and ensuring he is the centre of their attention.

Saying goodbye to Rex was one of the saddest days for us and left us with a huge cavity in both our hearts, not to mention the other cats and dog.  He is waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge.

Retired Matriarch
GL DB Gd Ch Myshan Elfstone
Black Tortie and White

Our gorgeous Zelda, Matriarch of Shartae Cattery, has gone to wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge and is very much missed by humans, felines and the canine. We are sure she is sitting in a giant heated bed demanding attention from everyone as only she can.

Our grateful thanks go to Dr Jacqui Norris and Dr Anne Fawcett of Sydney Animal Hospital - Inner West.

Zelda is the mother of Chicko & the gorgeous Zeta.

Zelda was a delight and gave us a lot of joy and left us with many many happy and some very funny memories. She will be forever in our hearts. and we wait to be greeted by her at the Rainbow Bridge.

Zelda has produced some beautiful kittens and her line now continues with her daughter, the gorgeous Zeta.

Min Min
Daughter of Mitzy and Loki, third silliest cat in Australia
Shartae Lokis Mowes
Blue Classic Tabby and White Bi Colour

Our beautiful sweet Min Min (Minnie) has left us and gone to wait with Rex, Zelda and her grandmother Lucy at the Rainbow Bridge. Min was a very sweet kitten and even sweeter cat, as well as being a very silly girl. She had a nurture nature and was with both her mother and daughter when they gave birth to kittens and would rear them (aided by the birth mother) as if they were her own. Min was second mother to all kittens born at Shartae. 

Min Min left us far too early and we were not prepared. She will be missed greatly.

Our thanks to Inner West Staff & Dr Jacqui Norris for their support.

Min Min was one of the silliest Cornish Rex cats we have had the delight of owning. Min Min was shown as a kitten and achieved 5th Best Female Entire Kitten Group 3 in NSW CFA Cat of the Year and the Rex Cat Club of NSW Inc Best Entire Cornish Rex Kitten in the Cat of the Year. Min is not shown as an adult as she doesn't care for the show scene and was happy being a stay at home girl tormenting the dog.

Min Min has produced some very nice kittens who seem to have inherited her silliness.

Min Mins registered pedigree name, Lokis Mowes, is a blending of her father, Loki, and her mother Mitzys (Lowen Mowes) name. It means Lokis girl.


 Son of Loki and Zelda, pet cat of the dog & baby sitter

CH Shartae Siocled Teigr
Chocolate Mackeral Tabby

Chicko or Chicky is the son of Loki and Zelda; inheriting the silliness of his mother and the placidiness of his father. Chicky was our gentle giant, best mates with Pippa the dog, he had a fantastic temperament and was very tolerant of everyone. He could be found running and playing with Pippa, patrolling his yard and ensuring the lizards, slaters, bugs etc do not get out of control or sleeping with his dog Pippa. Chicko also spent a good deal of time playing with his father Loki or just generally chatting with him. He was obsessed with water and was often found standing in the fish pond, in the bath or sink when there is water in them, playing in the rain or chasing the running hose. Chicko loved babies and could often be found sitting out side the kitten nursery door waiting to be allowed in and will happily spend the day baby sitting and playing with kittens if allowed.

Chicko was shown as a kitten, gaining  2nd place in the NSW Cat of the Year Award Desexed Kittens Group 3. His show career came to a screeching halt when some very uncharitable judges commented that maybe he needs to visit a well known weight loss center and he became very embarrassed and self conscious and decided to give fame and the show scene a miss.

Chickos registered pedigree name, Siocled Teigr, which is Cornish for Chocolate Tiger.

He now waits for us, with the rest of the gang, at the Rainbow Bridge. Chicko you are missed by everyone, esp Pippa.

Daughter of the third silliest cat, grand daughter of the Super Model

black & white cornish rex female kitten silly MillyDB GD CH Shartae Campyer Milly
Black and White Bi Colour

Our gorgeous Milly left this world in tragic circumstances. She was out for a stroll one evening and got a fright. She bolted and was lost for a week. When she finally returned late one night she was extremely dehydrated. she was rushed to the vet who gave her fluids and stated due to her pristine white coat contition and dehydration he felt she had been trapped inside a shed. Unfortunately Millys heart was weakened from the experience and a very short time later she had a heart attack and passed away.

Milly is the daughter of Min Min and a very handsome fellow called Rash. Milly is also a third generation Shartae Cornish Rex.  Milly had a fantastic coat, has long legs and is generally long and lanky with a can do attitude. Milly also competed for the tittle of "Silliest Cat in Australia"!

Millys registered name is Shartae Campyer Milly. Campyer is Cornish for Champion and Milly continues the "M" theme of her mother and grand mother.

We had hoped she would follow her grand mother Mitzy into the show ring but despite placing in the Top 5 and a BIS in the shows she has been entered into she didn't seem to enjoy the whole experience.

Rest in Peace our silly girl, we miss you.

cornish rex female kitten sillier Milly
cornish rex female kitten even sillier Milly

"Our babies are part of our family until they become part of yours"
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