Cornish Rex of Shartae Cattery - Our babies are part of our family until they become partof yours
Shartae Cornish Rex kittens are fully vaccinated (with the core F3 vaccine, that includes feline herpesvirus, feline calicivirus and feline parvovirus), wormed, microchipped and desexed before leaving for their new homes and families. Kittens will also have a kitten pack consisting of Adoption Book (instruction manual), Registered Pedigree with CATS NSW, general reading material of interest, toys, litter sample, dry biscuit samples and fresh food.  Kittens must be picked up in a secure animal carrier.

We pride our selves in breeding happy, well adjusted and healthy Cornish Rex kittens and guarantee Shartae Cornish Rex kittens to be free of health issues. All Shartae Cornish Rex kittens will have had a health check prior to leaving "the nest" for their new homes.
We accept deposits on kittens from four - six weeks of age, and encourage prospective buyers to come and choose a kitten personally at or around this time. We would also invite you to come and see your kitten regularly until he/she is ready to go to his/her new home.

We can reserve a kitten for you for two weeks, to allow you time to visit. If you have not visited, paid a deposit or made a choice and confirmed your choice with in this time, the kitten will come off reserve.

To secure the Cornish kitten of your choice, a non refundable deposit of $AU100.00 is required (refund may occur in exceptional circumstances and at our discretion). If we find a buyer unsuited for a kitten, we reserve the right to refuse the sale without explanation and will return your deposit.

All our breeding Cornish Rex are Felv-negative, FIV negative, Chlamydia (chlamydophila felis) negative and all have routine health checks. 

Kitten Deposit
If you have reserved a Cornish Rex kitten and have made a decision that this kitten is the one for you; you can pay your deposit through  EFT, cheque, postal note or cash and either in person when you visit your kitten or by regular post. Please discuss options with us prior to payment.

Cornish Rex of Shartae

Shartae has kittens available. 

Kit Kat and her beau Thor had 4 babies on the 19/12/17
(photo to come when they sit still!)

Black Female - reserved
Chocolate Male - reserved
Chocolate Point and White Male - reserved
Black and White Bi Colour Female - available

If Shartae Cornish Rex doesnt have the sex or colour kitten you are looking for, you may like to try the breeder below or feel free to contact Shartae for breeders in other states. 
Pam Cross, Myshan Cattery, Sydney, has gorgeous Cornish Rex kittens available for the perfect pet. Please contact or
02 96025870 or mobile 0488 587 001 to contact Pam. Registered breeder & Judge with over 30 years experience.

I cannot take any responsibility for kittens purchased from another breeder but all registered breeders are bound by a code of conduct (COC), rules & regulations (R&R) of their registering body and NSW Companion Animal Act (CAA) or the Companion Animal Act in each state. If you think a breeder is not acting in the best interest of a kitten/cat or operating outside the COC, R&R or CAA you can contact: Registering Body and or Club that the breeder belongs to, RSPCA & local council. If you feel you have been unfairly treated you can also contact the Dept of Fair Trading as well as the previously mentioned bodies.

"Our babies are part of our family until they become part of yours"
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