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The Girls - Under Construction

Daughter of the gorgeous Zeta

Shartate Splan Sevel Steran

Zelma is the last daughter of Zeta the gorgeous one and Thor the god of love. Zelma is the second youngest member of the Shartae Cornish Girls Club.

Zelma has a huge personality and very sweet nature.

She has the silliness of her mother & grandmother and the long lanky body of her father. Zelma is living up to the naughty tortie tag!

Zelmas registered pedigree name continues the "Z" theme of her mother and grandmother, the Cornish "Splan" of her mothers name and has Cornish "Sevel Steran". The Cornish in her grand name means Gorgeous Shining (or rising) Star - " Splan Sevel Steran".

Kit Kat
(Kitty Katty)
Our little sweetheat
Kit Kat came to join the Shartae girls from Pam Cross's Myshan Cattery. It was love at first sight. She is a pure delight, loving, gentle and smoochy. Kit Kat has a no nonsense approach to life and is not easily distracted from her favourite pass time of finding every single toy mouse that is to be found.

 Her name Kit Kat came about as the human kids want to call her Kitty or
Catty as she is a kitten now but will be a cat when she is "old". so Kit Kat was settled on.

The Retired and Lounging Around Doing Nothing Girls

Min Min II
The constant companion of Kit Kat

Min Min returned to us as a young kitten, apparently she wasn't smoochy enough and didn't like boats! While she isn't a lap cat she is a leg twirler, head butter, "pat me pat me" and "look at me, look at me" girl. She is still a very young cat being born on boxing day 2015. 

Min Min II has inherited the silliness of her both her mother Milly and grandmother  Min Min as well as her being her near exact image of her Grandmother. She is the constant companion of Kit Kat; where one is the other is. It appears they cannot be parted from each other even during Kit Kats confinement, birth and rearing of her babies.

The gorgeous one, daughter of Zelda

cornish rex tortioseshell female gorgeous Zeta
DB GD CH Shartae Splan Zeta
Chocolate Tortoiseshell Smoke and White (spotting)

Zeta is THE silliest Cornish Rex cat, in Australia. Zeta thinks she can fly and is a seasoned high jumper who is able to scale any height with ease. She is a delight and very sweet loving girl.

Zeta was being shown and enjoyed the show scene. She has achieve Best Cornish Rex Kitten and Best Cornish Rex Adult in the Rex Cat Club Cat of NSW Inc Cat of the Year. She has retired from both the show scene, being a mother and has joined the "Retired, lounging around doing nothing girls Club"

Zetas registered pedigree name, Splan Zeta, is a mix of Cornish (Splan) and continuing the "Z" theme from her mother Zelda. Splan is Cornish for Gorgeous.

Cornish Rex female Super Model MitzyMitzy
Retired Super Model 

CCCA CH, Dia, DB GD CH Shartae Lowen Mowes
Black Smoke and White

Mitzy is the last daughter of our first Show and breeding Cornish Rex, Lucy. She is also the first Cornish kitten that was breed by us to stay with us. 

Mitzy is now retired from both the Show bench and breeding. Her time is now occupied with caring for her grand daughter and lounging in the sun.

Mitzy has done extremely well on the Show bench and does believe she is entittled to the life of a retired Super Model, she does not feel that she ought to be expected to get out of bed at a reasonable time and for nothing less than a special treat. 

Mitzy placed in the NSW CFA Cat of the Year; 4th Entire Kitten Group 3 and 2nd Entire Female Group 3.  She has consistantly placed Best Entire Female Cornish Rex COTY and Best Entire Female Cornish Rex Kitten COTY, Rex Cat Club of NSW Inc. She has also placed Supreme Rex Exhibit at the Rex Cat Club of NSW Inc Rex Specialist Breed Championship Show.  So maybe she does deserve her Super Model status?

Mitzys has also produced some gorgeous kittens who have also gone onto to place well on the show bench.

We are very proud of our Super Model Mitzy. Mitzys registered pedigree name, Lowen Mowes, is Cornish for Happy Girl.

Desexed Bossy Delusional One - boss of bugs and the dog, sister to Mitzy

chocolate point cornish rex Tooky Wooky Sookie
Shartae Maman Babam
Chocolate Point

Sookie was to have the life a Thai Princess living with her brother in Thailand with an Aussie ex pat. Unfortunately fate dealt her a rather nasty blow. She was practicing jumping up onto the bench but unfortunately missed and caught her hind leg in the bottom drawer suffering a nasty break, at the growth plate. This required a long healing process, immobile (an impossibility) and in plaster. She recovered well from her broken bone but we dont believe she has gotten over the disappointment of not living the life of luxury in Thailand. There is really no comparison - Thai Princess verses Sydney Inner West bug catcher and dog controller!

Sookies registered pedigree name, Maman Babam, is Cornish for Mothers Baby. Sookie is something grand in Thai but we have long forgotten and now she is often referred to as Sookie Tookie.

Sookie has never been a Show cat.

"Our Babies are part of our family until they become part of yours"

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