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Cornish Rex Information

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Personality and Temperament 
There are many descriptions of the Cornish Rex personality; most of their human companions describe their personalities as unique and endearing. 

Cornish Rex are extremely intelligent, very affectionate, inquisitive, outgoing, human orientated and devoted companions. Cornish Rex are  active cats who love to exercise, they have no problems creating their own entertainment. While most mature cats out grow their kittenish playfulness, a Cornish Rex never loses interest in games and can be very inventive in their play, and as an adult, the Cornish is as playful as a kitten.  

Cornish Rex enjoy being a part of the family & don't like to be left out of day to day activities. Cornish are perfect for families with children as they love the ruff and tumble of children but are equally happy with a quiet life.
Cornish Rex exhibit great agility and fantastic quickness, often referred to as “high energy athletes”. The Cornish Rex will use its paws like hands and can pick up small objects, and some Cornish have even learned to turn door knobs and open doors. Give a Cornish Rex a piece of string and watch its movements, as it jumps, dances and rises up on its hind legs. Cornish are active cats who love to exercise, they have no problems creating their own entertainment. 

The keen intelligence of a Cornish Rex is observable through the alert interest with which it regards people and their antics.  Yet the same Cornish Rex who has just been gracefully flying through the air will be very happy to cuddle up on its owner's lap or, even better, right under his owners chin.   

Cornish Rex are known to be very fastidious about grooming and hygiene (some may say obsessive) and often feel it necessary to groom their human companions as well. The Cornish Rex loves the heat and in winter can be found in front of the heater or fire and in summer basking in the sun. Cornish can also be very "helpful" to their human companions, often helping with the household chores or offering advise on how best to complete a task! You will wonder how you managed before this helpful little cat became part your life. 

The Cornish Rex appetite is legendary. Most Cornish Rex view a bowl of food as a personal challenge to be vanquished, and will not stop eating until every crumb is gone. 

Truly a study in contrasts, a Cornish Rex is one of the most versatile pets with a mood to match every occasion, it is truly a cat for all seasons.  The Cornish Rex will give your family many years of enjoyment, entertainment, love and devotion.  To be a family member with free run of the house represents the best life for a Cornish Rex.

Cornish Rex Appearance and Standard
Cornish Rex are known for their marcel wave coat. The Cornish Rex is a slender medium sized cat with a short wavy coat with curly whiskers and eyebrows, long legs, large ears, long tapering tail (often called a rats tail). Cornish Rex are often refered to the grey hound of the cat world. Although it is a fine boned cat, it is quite muscular. 

The typical cat has three types of hair, guard hairs, awn hairs & down hairs (the undercoat). The Cornish Rex coat completely lacks the guard and awn hairs, giving it an incredibly soft feel. The coat is wavy in appearance.  Cornish Rex come in all recognized cat colours. Despite its delicate appearance, the Cornish Rex is a surprisingly hardy breed with no known genetic faults or conditions.

Cornish Rex Care - under construction

Allergies and Cornish Rex
Are Cornish Rexes Hypoallergenic? 
In truth, a Rex cat (Cornish, Devon or Selkirk Rex) is no different from any other cat and produces allergen like all other cats. They are not hypoallergenic by any means, as claimed by some. 

Then why do some people seem to have no allergic reaction to Rex cats? There is no simple answer to this question at the moment, and more research is required to get the answers needed. One possible hypothesis is that as Cornish Rex cats have less hair to shed, they simply deposit less allergen-laced hair around the home. But, whatever the reasons some people with allergies seem to tolerate them.
People with allergies are encouraged to visit and spend time with a breeder to determine their own tolerance for the breed. 

"Our babies are part of our family until they become part of yours"
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