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The Boys


Our Stud, love muffin, the ladies man

Our boy Loki Cornish Rex Stud
SL DB GD CH Anarex Hamlets Lockett
Blue Silver Mackeral Tabby

Loki is the Pirate King of Love or King of Fire depending on which Swedish legend you read. Despite being a Cornsih Rex originally hailing from Cornwall, Lokis heritage is Swedish on his fathers side, so hence a Swedish name. His nick name is "Velcro" as he is a typical Cornish Rex always wanting to be close to his humans.

Loki is a very placid, smoochy and gentle fellow who loves lady visitors, running with the dog Pippa. We think he is a very handsome Cornish Rex.

Loki has produced some spectacular coloured Cornish kittens, he is a silver tabby and carries all colours and coat pattens including pointed and classic tabby.

Lokis registered pedigree name is derived from his fathers name,
Grandens Hamlet.

Cornish Rex stud Loki in his undies

The new kid on the block, also known as Trudie

New Kid Thor Cornish Kitten

CCCA GD CH, GL DB GD CH S*Anglarnas Too Good Too Be True
Black Smoke & White Bi Colour

Thor is the newest member of the Shartae Cornish Rex Boys Club. He is from Sweden, hence the Norse name. He has both American & Swedish ancestry. He is a delight and, like all boys, very inquisitive, loves playing in the dirt and is a sook.

Thor left frozen Sweden and arrived on Australian shores in the middle of a heat wave, the hottest on record for 40 odd years, with temperatures of 45+ degrees. I think the heat confused him a little and baked the  language center in his brain as he still speaks Swedish! Fortunately we humans, other felines and the dog have developed fantastic interpreter skills and we all now speak Swedglish!

He had a fantastic temperament for the Show scene and has lived up to his registered name - Too Good Too Be True. He did very well on the Show bench as a kitten and as an adult has achieved NSW CFA Entire Male  Group 3 Cat of the Year 2011. Thor has retired from the show scene and can be found lounging around watching the world go by from his "luxurious bachelor pad" apartment in the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains.

Thor is the Norse God of Thunder, Fertility and a range of other useful things.

"Our babies are part of our family until they become part of yours"

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